Players on the Move

Watch the 2012 ANZ Championship teams take shape right here!

Click here for the preliminary squads of 10, as submitted by the teams on 3 October 2011. They still have until 31 October 2011 to finalise their squads of 12; until then, we’ll endeavour to keep you updated with all the latest signings:

Player Moves

Cath Cox to
Renae Hallinan to
Te Huinga Reo Selby-Rickit to
Leana de Bruin to
Paula Griffin to
Joline Henry to
Courtney Tairi to
Rebecca Bulley to
Ashleigh Brazill to
Joanna Sutton to
Elizabeth Manu to
Jamilah Gupwell to
Donna Wilkins to


Hayley Saunders
Katrina Grant
Natalie von Bertouch
Camilla Lees
Temepara George
Anna Scarlett
Carla Borrego
Kayla Cullen
Grace Rasmussen
Sharni Layton
Kim Green
Rachel Rasmussen
Jessica Moulds
Cathrine Latu
Mo'onia Gerrard
Carla Dziwoki
Vanessa Ware
Laura Geitz
Wendy Frew
Susan Pratley
Erin Bell
Kate Shimmin
Maddy Proud
Emily Beaton
Caitlin Bassett
Shae Bolton
Andrea Gilmore
Susan Fuhrmann
Kate Beveridge
Tegan Caldwell
Madison Browne
Sarah Wall
Julie Corletto
Micaela Wilson
Bianca Chatfield
Geva Mentor
Chelsey Nash
Nat Medhurst
Caitlin Thwaites
Sulu Tone-Fitzpatrick
Irene van Dyk
Jessica Tuki
Julianna Naoupu
Erena Mikaere
Anna Thompson
Amorette Wild
Sonia Mkoloma (UK)
Maria Tutaia
Sheryl Scanlan
Daya Pritchard
Amber Bellringer
Te Paea Selby-Rickit
Amber Bellringer
Casey Williams
Laura Langman
Ngarama Milner-Olsen

New Signings

Jo Harten (UK)
Jodi Brown
Eboni Beckford-Chambers (UK)
April Letton
Louise Thayer
Sarah East
Jade Clarke (UK)
Verity Simmons
Chanel Gomes
Samantha May
Nikala Smith
Demelza McCloud (AU)
Kristy Durheim
Kimberley Borger
Ashleigh Smith