In the spotlight: Temepara George

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Temepara George, the LG Northern Mystics’ captain will once again be the key figure in the Mystics’ charge towards the finals this season.

In season 2009, George played 13 games and featured heavily in all the middle third stats and had 185 goal assists, 14.2 per game. She has started 2010 in the same form, assisting 14 of the Mystics’ 55 goals against the Thunderbirds, the highest contribution by any player on the court.

In her 5 games as a Wing Attack in 2009, George received the ball from centre passes on 53 occasions (10.6 per game).  On the weekend she received 8 centre passes with all of them coming in the second half.

A big improvement in George’s game from this season to last was the amount of turnovers she was responsible for. On Saturday against the Thunderbirds, George only gave the ball up on 2 occasions. Last season she had an average of 4.2 turnovers per game - equal 3rd highest for the competition in a stat category that no player wants to feature heavily in.

Temepara George will once again be one of the central figures in getting the LG Northern Mystics into the finals as they hope to be only the second New Zealand team to feature an the ANZ Championship Grand Final.