In the spotlight: Liana Barrett-Chase

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A current Silver Fern since 2008 with six caps, and the smallest player in the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel, Liana Barrett-Chase, standing at just 168cm, is arguably the most influential player in the Steel line-up and is the key to the Steel reaching the top four.

Playing all seven games this season, and missing only ten minutes of on-court action, Barrett-Chase has positioned herself as the go-to person when it comes to the centre pass. She has received the first pass from the centre restart on 131 occasions, ranked No.1 in the competition, with second ranked going to her team mate Megan Dehn on 119. In Round 7 against the Central Pulse she had 24 centre pass receives, doubling her performance in Round 6, and improving on her season average of 18.7.

Barrett-Chase also features highly in goal assists. She has recorded 74 goal assists this season, ranked sixth overall in the competition, and in Round 7, Barrett-Chase had a season high 18 goal assists, seven more than her season average of 10.6.
Barrett-Chase does struggle when it comes to intercepts and deflections, however, recording only two of each this season.

Even though Barrett-Chase has the ball in hand more than any other midcourt player, she has only given away 18 turnovers for the season, at an average of only 2.6 per match. She had four turnovers against her name in Round 7, which is remarkable considering her attacking influence in Steelís games.

The Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel currently sits in fifth place. With only six games remaining, now is the time for the Steel to pounce, playing their next four at home. With their final two trips away against the LG Mystics, and across the Tasman to take on the currently undefeated NSW Swifts, Barrett-Chase must lift her team mates to record at least three home wins, and one away win, to secure another chance at finals netball. Hopefully in 2010, Liana Barrett-Chase and the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel can improve on their fourth place finish last season.