In the spotlight: Madison Browne

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It can be argued that a teamís success depends upon their mid-court strength. The West Coast Fever is no different and the mid-court player they rely heavily on is the diminutive Madison Browne. Browne is one of the competitionís smallest players standing at 1.68m, but her dominance within her team is clear for all to see.

In 2009 Browne led the Fever in Goal Assists with 153 (5th overall) and Centre Pass Receives with 254 (3rd overall). Browne also had 57 turnovers which was 3rd overall. However this can be viewed positively as it means Browne has the ball in hand and is trying to create opportunities for her team.

This season has seen the consistent Browne lose none of her importance for the Fever. The Feverís four results so far this season include a 2 point away loss to the Steel, 18 point home victory against the Tactix, a 14 point home loss against the Vixens and a 5 point away loss against the WBOP Magic.

After Round 4, Browne leads Goal Assists for the entire competition and she is in the top three for Centre Pass Receives.  Her four games this season have seen Browne contributing to 53 Fever goals - 14 in Round 1, 14 in Round 2, only 9 in Round 3 and 16 in Round 4. Centre Pass Receives tells a similar story with 62 overall, comprising 17 in Round 1, 16 in Round 2, only 9 in Round 3 and 20 in Round 4.

So for the West Coast Fever to improve, be competitive and climb the ANZ Championship ladder, Madison Browne must be statistically strong in all games.