Interested in becoming an ANZ Championship Licensee?

With growing interest in ANZ Championship netball, the ANZ Championship Licensing Program is rapidly developing with a number of licensees across various categories.

Why have licensing?
By licensing the use of its intellectual property, the ANZ Championship earns revenue, which is a growing source of income for the game and is directed towards game development, the ANZ Championship teams and players.
It is important that official products be protected in order to guarantee that revenue generated is directed back into the game.
The ANZ Championship Licensing Program earns revenue through the sale of apparel, netballs, publications, sporting equipment, supporter products and personalised photographic items.

How to become a licensee
Before a product can become an ANZ Championship licensed product, there is an extensive application process to follow.
Information about the process of obtaining an ANZ Championship license is featured in the Expression of Interest document
(PDF format).

A Prospective Licensee should:

1. Download the Expression of Interest document;
2. Prepare a proposal as outlined in the document
3. Forward the proposal as directed, along with a sample or image of the proposed product.

All correspondence and enquires should be directed to:

Licensing Manager
Trans-Tasman Netball League Ltd
PO Box 13285
Law Courts, VIC 8010

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