Game Detail // ANZ Championship 2009 

Round Name:  Round 1     Starting Date:  4/4/2009  
Team v Team Location Date/Time
  » Vixens 57 v. » Fever 44 State Netball Hockey Centre, Melbourne 04/04/2009  2:00PM
   SKYTime:   16:00
   ONE Time:   14:00
   Umpire 1:   Kate Wright
   Umpire 2:   Jacqui Jashari
   Reserve Umpire:   Pauline Francisco

Game Report:

The Melbourne Vixens stamped their ANZ Championship intent with a dominating 57-44 win over West Coast Fever to open their 2009 campaign in Melbourne today.

The favourites overcame a slow start to breeze past the visitors with a withering second quarter to take control of the match. A cracking pace was set by both teams with the early advantage sitting with the Fever, who made the best of starts. Well-directed ball to 1.92m shooter Caitlin Bassett, who was on song early, gave the visitors the upper hand throughout the opening stanza.

With two former Vixens players – Madison Browne (wing attack) and Johannah Curran (goal defence) – lining up in the opposition, there was plenty of extra spice added to the encounter.

Dynamic Vixens co-captain Sharelle McMahon was also back on court for the first time since undergoing knee surgery last July.

Fever eased into the first break 14-12 ahead but a rejuvenated Vixens turned the match on its head with a blistering display on the resumption.

Taking time for their attacking line to settle, a lift in intensity and skill level ensured the Vixens hit the lead early in the second quarter. Slotting seven straight goals while conceding just the one, gave the Vixens the necessary impetus to take control.

With a line-up including Bianca Chatfield, Natasha Chokljat, Julie Corletto (nee Prendergast), McMahon and ever-reliable shooter Caitlin Thwaites, it was always going to be a tough ask for the young Fever team to keep their talented opponents in check.

With their noses in front, the Vixens put their foot down in an impressive exhibition, overpowering the Fever 20-7 during this quarter to take a healthy 32-21 halftime lead.

After her long spell out of the game, McMahon’s presence and impact grew the longer she spent out on court. She is rarely out of the action and today her trademark athleticism and speed were evident as she had spells at both goal attack and goal shoot.

The Fever pulled themselves back into the contest during the third quarter. With the damage already done, they played a strong hand to ensure the score didn’t blow out any further. They managed to draw this quarter but it still left the Vixens with a handy 43-32 threequarter time advantage.

Defenders Chatfield and Corletto were imposing figures under the Fever hoop as they forced Bassett and Nikala Smith to shoot from wide out to stifle their opportunities.

Slick through the midcourt, the Vixens were also strong finishers in goal as they kept the gallant Western Australian side at bay. Fever battled away throughout the second half against the classy Vixens, the score ballooning out slightly to a 13-goal deficit in the closing minutes of the match.

Game Sheet | 1st Qtr| 2nd Qtr| 3rd Qtr| 4th Qtr

Home Team Game sheet: Vixens
 Scores  Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4 
   12  20  11  14 
 Player  Goals  %Avg
 Sharelle McMahon  29/35  83%
 Caitlin Thwaites  24/28  86%
 Ashlee Howard  4/5  80%
 AGBEZE, Ama  -  -  -  -
 CHOKLJAT, Natasha  C  C  C  -
 HOWARD, Ashlee  -  -  -  GA
 KNOTT, Kathleen  -  -  -  -
 MCMAHON, Sharelle  GA  GA  GA  GS
 NASH, Chelsey  WA  WA  WA  WA
 THOMPSON, Brooke  -  -  -  WD
 THWAITES, Caitlin  GS  GS  GS  -
 WALL., Sarah  -  -  -  -

Away Team Game sheet: Fever
 Scores  Q1  Q2  Q3  Q4 
   14  7  11  12 
 Player  Goals  %Avg
 Caitlin Bassett  38/47  81%
 Nikala Smith  3/7  43%
 Bianca Franklin  3/4  75%
 BASSETT, Caitlin  GS  GS  GS  GS
 BECKETT, Emma  -  -  -  -
 BOLTON, Shae  C  C  -  -
 BROWNE, Madison  WA  WA  C  C
 CURRAN, Johannah  GD  GD  GD  GD
 FRANKLIN, Bianca  GA  GA  -  -
 FUHRMANN, Susan  GK  GK  GK  -
 GILMORE, Andrea  WD  WD  WD  WD
 JANZ, Josie  -  -  -  GK
 KEENE, Jasmine  -  -  -  -
 ROSMAN, Stacey  -  -  WA  WA
 SMITH, Nikala  -  -  GA  GA


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          Sat 25 Apr

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