Umpires from Australia and New Zealand will be contracted for the 2010 ANZ Championship. Games that are played in Australia will be officiated by Australian umpires, while games in New Zealand will be officiated by New Zealand umpires. At the completion of the home and away season, the best two umpires from each country will create a pool of four, where these umpires based on performance will officiate the final series.



First name Last name
Rachael Ayre
Joshua Bowring
Paula Ferguson
Marc Henning
Jacqui Jashari
Sharon Kelly
Clare McCabe
Kate Wright


First name Last name
Liz Boon
Jono Bredin
Bobbi Brown
Bronwyn Meek
Fay Meiklejohn
Mandy Nottingham
Kristie Simpson


  is the proud naming sponsor of the 2010 ANZ Championship Umpires.