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The ANZ Championship is the exciting trans-Tasman netball competition, launched in 2008, and featuring the best players from the world’s top two netball nations. The competition is operated by TTNL Limited with Netball Australia and Netball New Zealand its primary shareholders. The company is led by a six-member Board and a General Manager, with staff based in both Melbourne and Auckland.

Australian Office

New Zealand Office

Level 1, 140 King Street

Melbourne Vic 3000

PO Box 13285

Laws Court VIC 8010

Tel: +61 3 8621 8600

Fax: +61 3 9614 4308

Level 1, Windsor Court

128 Parnell Road

Parnell, Auckland 1052

PO Box 99359

Newmarket, Auckland 1149

Tel: +64 9 623 3205

Fax: +64 9 623 5777




Anthony Everard
General Manager

Mark Bailey
Business Finance Manager

Rebecca Ellis
Executive Asssitant/Administrator

Kerry Manders
Media & Communications Manager (Netball New Zealand)

Marina Timmins
Marketing & Commercial Manager

Kate Agnew
Operations Manager

Amanda Shiels
Marketing & Commercial Executive

Alex Spence
Communications Executive
(Netball New Zealand)

Stuart Mack
Licensing Manager

Georgia Campbell
Operations Manager

Kate Patterson
Communications Manager


Emma Robinson
Media and Communications Manager
(Netball Australia)


Angela Colless
Media & Communications Co-ordinator (Netball Australia)


TTNL Board

Raewyn Lovett, Chair

Chair, Netball New Zealand Inc

Appointed to the TTNL Board March 2007;
appointed Chair in September 2009.

Raelene Castle

Chief Executive, Netball New Zealand Inc

Appointed June 2007

Noeleen Dix

President, Netball Australia Limited
Appointed March 2007;
Chair,TTNL Board, Mar 2007-Sep 2009

Dr Phil Hamdorf

Independent, Australia

Appointed May 2008

Kate Palmer

Chief Executive, Netball Australia Limited

Appointed March 2007

David Wolfenden

Independent, New Zealand

Appointed June 2007