MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award

The MVP Award is designed to recognise the best performed athlete during the Season.
At every match during the regular rounds, a representative nominated by Netball Australia and Netball New Zealand selects the three most outstanding players, using a 3-2-1 voting system (3 being the best player on court).
The player with the highest number of votes at the end of the season is named the ANZ Championship MVP.  In the event of a tie, joint winners are announced.
Votes are submitted to TTNL and kept strictly confidential until the winner is announced during Grand Final week.

ANZ Championship MVP Winners

Leana de Bruin (Steel) and Natalie Medhurst (Firebirds)
Liana Leota (Steel)
Romelda Aiken (Firebirds)
Romelda Aiken (Firebirds) and Sonia Mkoloma (Pulse)