Intergen ANZ Championship Umpires

In previous seasons, Australian umpires have officiated at matches played in Australia, and New Zealand umpires have officiated at matches played in New Zealand.

In 2011 for the first time, two New Zealand umpires officiated at three all Australian matches, and two Australian umpires officiated at three all New Zealand matches, which will continue in 2012. This initiative was put in place to assist in understanding any differences in umpiring techniques between the two countries, and provide both teams and umpires with exposure to different styles which may exist.

At the completion of the regular rounds, the best two umpires from each country will create a pool of four to officiate the four Finals Series matches.

Australian Umpires

Rachael Ayre, Joshua Bowring, Sharon Kelly, Jemma Carlton, Michelle Phippard, Dianna Toppi, Tara Warner, Helen George


Dianne Cocker, Clare McCabe, Raechel Richards, Kate Wright, Marc Henning, Qalo Sukabula

New Zealand Umpires

Bronwyn Meek, Mandy Nottingham, Bobbi Brown, Jono Bredin, Liz Boon, Fay Meiklejohn


Gareth Fowler, Danielle Maulder, Lisa McPhail, Yvonne Morgan, Kristie Simpson, Marise Stuart