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League adopts new INF rules

The Trans Tasman Netball League (TTNL) wishes to confirm that the league will implement the new Official Rules of Netball, released by the International Netball Federation (INF), for the 2016 ANZ Championship season.

The new rules to be applied from next season will include the elimination of whistles following goals and obvious ball out of court; amendments to injury time; and changes to the out of play rule.

The new rules were voted upon and approved by the International Netball Federation Congress, as part of the INF’s ‘Game Plan’ strategy, during the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 in August.

“We’re confident the new rules will have a positive impact on the product on court, which will help to improve the spectators’ experiences at the game and on television,” ANZ Championship General Manager Andy Crook said.

Netball Australia and Netball New Zealand, owners and operators of the ANZ Championship, will implement the new Official Rules of Netball in all affiliated competitions from grassroots to elite netball from 1 January 2016.

The 2016 ANZ Championship begins with a double header on Friday 1 April when the SKYCITY Mystics host the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel followed by the Queensland Firebirds’ first Challenge Trophy defence of the year against the Mainland Tactix.

The new Official Rules of Netball are available from the International Netball Federation (INF) website by clicking here.

Summary of Rule Changes:

·         Umpires are no longer blow their whistle when goals are scored and if it is clear that the ball is out of court. 

·         The use of the word ‘Penalties’ has been changed to ‘Sanctions’.

·         Sanctions will include Free Pass or Pass/Shot. Throw In and Toss Up are considered actions as opposed to Sanctions (or penalties under the current version).

·         When taking a centre pass, the Centre is required to now only have one foot wholly within the centre circle.

·         Once a player taking a penalty pass is in the correct position, the player may choose either to play the ball immediately or to wait for the infringer to stand out of play. However, it is important to note that the changes to the rule regarding the taking of the penalty pass do not remove the requirement for a player who is sanctioned for a major infringement to stand out of play.

·         All injury/illness stoppages, which will include blood, will be 30 seconds, and the injured player must come off the court.

·         Goal tending will no longer be allowed. Players will not be able to deflect a shot once the ball is on a downward flight towards the ring, including touching the ball up through the net.

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